Country Spotlight: Turkey and Thailand

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Country Spotlight: Turkey and Thailand

Alexander Greene, Staff Writer

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With such a diverse community, students from all over participated in the annual International Fair.  Countries such as Russia, Vietnam, Finland and Venezuela made up the fair.


Sarp Kocabagli, a senior from Turkey, spoke about some of the cultures of his country.


“We [Turkey] have many kinds of food, and lots old buildings that are left over from Ottoman Empire and other big empires,” said Kocabagli.


Pat Chimtanoo, a senior from Thailand also spoke about some of the cultures of her country.


“The most popular and unique cultural for Thailand is greeting. The action of bringing both hands together in obeisance what we called ‘Wai (ไหว้)’,” Chimtanoo said.


Turkey is known for their cuisine based off of the Ottoman Empire, which also features Mediterranean tastings too.


“I am cooking Kofte, which is like meatballs but better, and Sutlac, it is like pudding, and it has milk, rice, and some other ingredients,” Kocabagli said.


Thailand is known for its Asian cuisine which features different dishes from different Thai chefs.


“I will cook some Thai dessert [Tubtim Krob], and at my table, there will be a little activity,” Chimtanoo said.


Every place has its unique features/things that only the locals know, Turkey and Thailand have some interesting facts.


“Ok, in Thailand we have many elephants, but no one goes to school by elephant. [Just in case someone ever thinks like that],” Chimtanoo said. “If you come and visit Thailand the best place for shopping in Bangkok is Chatuchak market.”


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