The Addams Family Preview


The Darlington Fine Arts presents The Addams Family musical playing at 7:30 p.m. on Feb. 16 and 17 and at 2:30 p.m. on the 18.


The Addams Family consists of a oddball dark-humored family who fight to love each other.


“[This music is] something that makes me laugh and then two seconds later it makes me want to cry a little bit because it’s sweet and emotional. It makes you feel everything, so the audience should expect should expect to have all their emotions played with because it’s intense but it’s good,” stage manager Olivia Barfield said.


Wednesday Addams, played by junior Maggie Inman, is the emotionless main character who finds herself, for the first time, starting to develop feelings.


“In the musical, Wednesday is kind of in a transition period so its really hard to pinpoint where I want to play her. Like, what her personality is because usually shes super stone cold and she doesnt really show emotion, but now thats shes in love and changing,” Inman said.  


For Inman, this is her first major role since working as minor antagonists in previous shows.


“I’m used to playing really crazy, outrageous characters who have humongous personalities and they’re all over the place. For Wednesday, I’ve really had to tone it down. I’m also usually playing the character that everyone hates, so I remember one day in rehearsal Ms. Daniel was like, ‘You have to make me like her, I don’t like her and you need to make me like her,’” Inman said.. “It’s different that people are rooting for her, and I’m used to playing the character that no one wants to root for.”


While the musical holds a lot of humor, it is well balanced with emotional scenes.


“[Fester] is kind of the comic character relief sometimes, but [he] still kind of [has] some hints of serious undertone. Even in the scene ‘The Moon and Me’ it’s a very funny scene because how outlandish it is and at the same time it’s very sweet,” senior Jack Albertson said.


Though the musical features a ghostly oddball family, it still has a sweet message.


“That you need to be able to understand someone to be able to have a good working relationship with them and have to be able to trust. You have to fight for love,” Inman said.