International Fair 2018


Hank Crawford, Staff Writer

Instead of a day of rotating classes, students got the opportunity to enjoy interesting things from different cultures represented among their peers such as food, dances and games.


“The International Fair is always a fun time because of the different cultures I get to experience. The food is a good part too but the cultures are very interesting,” freshman Lawson Brown said.


The fair was not only a great time for the people experiencing the different cultures to enjoy, but it also made for a great way for the people of different countries to show off their food and culture.


“The International Fair was a great experience for me. I had a great time. I was working at the India table and I’m glad that I got to spread my knowledge of my culture and religion to everyone. My favorite part was how we can go to other countries’ tables and try their food. It was fun,” sophomore Anish Patel said.


There were changes made to the International Fair from past years. In years prior to this year’s fair, students would make their way to the fair throughout the day when they could, but this year they wanted to make it more of a priority. Rather than it being a part of a normal day, there was a whole day dedicated to the fair.


“It was awesome. It was a lot more hands on this year, which was good in my opinion,” junior Andy Brunt said.


The International Fair is always something students look forward to and will continue to be something to excite them through a tough stretch of the year.


“The international fair was really fun because I got to see how all of my friends culture is like and it gave me a chance to embrace everything,” freshman Patrick Shealey.