RUMPUS Reschedule


Grace Lester, Managing Editor

Due to health reasons, RUMPUS was canceled and moved to a later date on February 3.


“We [Mr. Peer, head prefects, administrers, teachers] tried to find days when the fewest number of students would be affected. We knew originally the basketball team would miss because they had a game on the day of trivia and gauntlet and lipsyc, so we could assume that if there were a basketball game on the day we chose, it would be like it had been already. But, if we could, we wanted to have everybody. February 3 just happened to be the day where it was far enough away from the musical where they wouldn’t have practice and it was before all the spring sports really got started with games. Although, the night before soccer has their first scermage and we looked at doing Friday/Saturday but that would exclude any soccer players that were participating. So, Feb 3 was still a concern because there is a wedding on campus that day. It was chosen because it had the fewest amount of activities, where as many student could be involved as possible,” Dean of Student Life Brant Evans said.


The process of picking a new date was difficult due to the amount of conflicts that sports had.


“It was a hard process because there is a bunch of stuff going on. RUMPUS is planned for one particular weekend every year so, if it doesn’t happen that weekend its kind of hard to pick another date to get everyone involved,” Regester Prefect Makkie Obiakor said.


Day students were sent home immediately after the cancellation, while some dorms were quarantined.


“It was just sad because everyone just wanted to push through. We cared about the people who were sick but like it would have been hard to continue that weekend and I think it will be harder on a different weekend. They should have just stuck with it honestly,” Thornwood Prefect Rainey Scarborough said.


Students were left wondering when and if RUMPUS would finish out.


“Yeah, I think it will harder to get the spirit back up because there will be less participation. It will still be really fun because gauntlet, trivia and lipsync were the three most fun and main events. I think people will still get excited,” Scarborough said.


RUMPUS is set to start 9 a.m. with gauntlet, 1 p.m. for trivia and around 8 p.m. for lipsync.


“To anyone who cannot be there, I am terribly sorry.  I wish we could make sure that everyone would be there and we knew this would probably happen if we changed the dates. I think we made the right decision to change the date and stopping it in the middle of rumpus. I hated that, but I think it was the right decision,” Evans said.