Make Up Days

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Make Up Days

Alexander Greene, Staff Writer

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There has been a rumor floating around campus that the potential to make up school days that Hurricane Irma and the hazardous winter weather caused was true.


Director of Upper School, Matthew Peer, confirmed that as of right now, the make-up days are not a part of the plan.


“We had a meeting with the upper school department chairs last Tuesday, talking about this exact scenario [missed days]. Before we had to miss school on Wednesday and Thursday, our discussion in the department chairs’ meeting was that there were not many extra days built into the second semester,” Peer said.


Students have been eagerly wondering when these days would be “made” up and if it was going to affect their spring break plans or summer plans.


“Our spring break students already have plans, and there is a school-sponsored trip like Mr. Kinney’s trip to South America,” Peer said.


Students and teachers were worried about the missed class time affecting being able to finish the curriculum on time and smoothly.


“Our conversation then focused on ‘What are we doing to make sure that the students are living the mission of the school and having enough time to complete their studies?’” Peer said. “Then we wanted to focus on ‘How are we going to use the time that is in our current schedule to do that?’”


Another issue was for the AP students and when they would get time to make up missed material and skills needed for the exam.


“The department chairs are going to be meeting with their teachers, especially some of our AP teachers to see what they may need regarding time, to make sure that they’re able to get all the important parts of the curriculum in before the AP exams in May,” Peer said. “We may have some weeks where, an example, a student in AP BC Calculus class may need to go to some required office hours to learn some skills they would need for that AP exam.”


Currently, there is no need to make up the missed days.


“As of right now, we do NOT have a plan to make up any of the missed days, but depending on how the next couple weeks go regarding weather, we may alter that.  But we don’t have a plan right now as to adding specific school days to the year,” Peer said.


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