Snow Day 2017

Abby Sklar, Editor-in-Chief


Friday morning found the Darlington campus covered in snow, but to many student’s dismay, at 8 a.m., class was still in session. While many students played in the snow, others were hoping for a snow day, which was eventually called.


When there was snow on the ground Friday morning, many thought that class was going to be cancelled for the whole day and were disappointed when it wasn’t.


“I was grateful that they let us out early, but was also incredibly annoyed that they had waited that long to release everyone, much less had class in the first place,” senior Caroline Cordell said. “It seemed ridiculous that we came to school considering the weather conditions stayed nearly the same as the forecast said they were this morning.”


Many students found their drive to school to be scary and dangerous, especially as many haven’t ever driven in snowy conditions before.


“I was driving to the wonderful Darlington campus to further my education in inclement weather when not even five minutes away from my house, I attempted to stop at a red light, but sadly could not because there was black ice that was undetectable to the human eye,” senior Brie Bishop said. “I failed to stop at said red light and hit another car, causing around $800 worth of damage to my car, but, thankfully, none to the other driver.”


Many students were also upset that there was no free dress day considering the weather. Many tried to circumvent the rules by wearing non-uniform jackets and one student even wore pajamas.


“Well, every other county school around us is out of school and if I’m expected to be at school in this ridiculous weather, I’m going to wear my pajamas instead of freezing in a skirt,” junior Madison Andrews said.


But while on campus, students enjoyed getting to play in the snow with their friends.


“Even though we had school, I had a great time with all my friends having snowball fights,” senior Callie Maffett said.


Snowball fights erupted all over campus between advisee groups, grades and friends.


“I honestly didn’t even think it was going to snow this week at all. It was a huge surprise and I loved having snowball fights with my advisee and all my friends,” sophomore Veeka Malanchuk said. “It was a great way to end a stressful week.”


Some students had never seen snow before and were in awe.


“It’s pretty similar to what I thought before, but it’s so fluffy and everything is all white,” senior Pat Chimtanoo said.


When it was announced that classes were to be dismissed at 11 a.m., many students were excited to play in the snow.


“Mr. Peer eventually made the right choice letting us all go home and make snowmen,” senior David Hagler said.