Cooper’s Christmas Gathering


Veeka Malanchuk, Staff Writer

Every year, Cooper house hosts a celebration. This year Cooper hosted a holiday gathering with Christmas activities and homemade foods.


To prepare for the Christmas celebration, the duty teachers put together a variety of treats.


“My favorite food was the meatballs, I don’t know [who made them] but they were wonderful,” dorm prefect junior Kathryn Chunn said.


There were many activities and games for the girls to participate in, aside from just socializing.


“My favorite activity was pin the elf, it was quite fun. I got dizzy for a while but it was fun,” sophomore Olachi Mbakwe said.


Other activities included looking forward into the new year.


“My favorite part was the wishes, it gave me time to think what I want to happen for the next year,” Sophomore Jimena Caballero said.


For some girls it was their first time celebrating an American Christmas.


“This is my first real Christmas because in China we don’t really celebrate this traditional Christmas. I didn’t expect that we can do all those fun activities, like the decoration we made. Everytime I see it I will remember what I wrote and my goals,” freshman Mulan Duan said.


The Cooper holiday party was much more than time to eat and do activities, but to connect the girls.


“Darlington, they do a lot to get the students into the holiday cheer but it’s different than when you’re at home. Cooper tries to bring that homely decorating and feel of Christmas and connect with the girls on a different level,” Chunn said.