Dar’s Tech Competition

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Dar’s Tech Competition

Alexander Greene, staff writer

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Technology plays a large role in the modern society, and Darlington is proud to embrace the creative uses for technology by hosting a Technology Competition on Nov. 6.


The tech competition features 15 categories ranging from Animation to Photography and Programming.


“Anyone is welcome to participate from grades 3-12. There will be awards for each grade level [3/4, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10, 11/11],” Technology Integration Coordinator Rebekah Kinney said.


The winners from each category will go to Georgia Highlands College in Rome to compete at the NWGA Regional Tech Competition in early 2018.


“I am making a Internet Application  with Sirius Liu, a brand new search engine,” sophomore David Cao said.


Participants of each category will be judged upon their work by judges around Rome, and they have only 15 minutes to pitch their new idea.


“This search engine is Open-Source on Github, and I am improving on the efficiency of dealing with big data, >=10,000 Records,” Cao said.


Darlington has always been a school that has embraced their technological advances from being an Apple Distinguished School for 2016-2018 and supplied students with the ability and freedom to create.


“More and more people are complaining about the advertisements on their search engine, especially in my home country China, and we want a search engine that never tracks users’ search history for ‘special purpose,’ with full functionality of scanning the whole web and not changing the search results manually,” Cao said.

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