Hurricane Harvey Relief

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Hurricane Harvey Relief

Alexander Greene, Staff Writer

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When senior Tigger Frix heard about the impact that Hurricane Harvey had on Houston, he jumped into action, thinking about how he and the Darlington community could help.

Frix is a part of the Design Thinking class, taught by Mrs. Rebekah Kinney, who presented the question ‘How might we help those in the path of hurricane Harvey?’

“The whole class then brainstormed how us, eight students, could have an impact on people in the Houston area,” Frix said.

The design thinking team collaborated on different ideas on how they could donate and make an influence in Houston. The class also wanted to not only get the Upper School involved but also include the ELA-8th graders and faculty members.

“We spent a large part of our Design Thinking class coming up with ideas of all sorts and then decided to put them into action. The whole project has been a huge success thanks to the whole Darlington community, and as of today we have plans to incorporate ELA-8,” Frix said.

The total amount raised was $3,530 in only two weeks. Thornwood house donated the most money out of all the houses, totaling $744. The organization, Donor’s Choose, was chosen because they help restore classrooms and supply the tools that educators need to teach.

“Our only goal right now is to have the biggest impact on the students like ourselves in Houston,” Frix states.

Frix and his class successfully thought of a way to help the people of Houston to rebuild their schools. The entire Darlington community has stepped in to assist in this disastrous event, and we have all joined as one to help other people, which reflects our motto, “Service beyond self.”  

“I did donate towards Harvey. I believe that if I have the funds to give and spare, then I should,” sophomore Abby Burris said. “I felt like it was the right thing to do, no matter the reward. Five dollars can go a long way.”

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