Light the Lake 2017

Jamila Wood

Abby Sklar and Linn Arnold

March 31, 2017, marked the 9th annual Light the Lake, one of the school’s favorite traditions defined by its fun activities, luminaries and balloon release.

This year, Light the Lake was put on by the sophomore class as their class project.

“Light the Lake was a good class project because it was for a  good cause and there were a lot of fun activities that we got to run. I did tattoos and helped log in people for laps and service hours and did chalk,” sophomore Annabelle Braden said.

This year, activities included tattoos, face-painting, tye-dying, limbo and 4-square.

“I also got some temporary tattoos and I did some face-paint and did a lot of balloons on people, senior Sara Berry said.”

Students had been working on making luminaries to place around the lake for weeks, and there were more than 2,000 luminaries.

“I made about my grandmother, who is my dad’s mom, who died of cancer when I was two or one, so I never really knew her. I feel like because I never really knew her, I should honor her in a way,” sophomore Casey Zazzaro said.

There were also many performances by students throughout the night.

“It was really cool feeling like a rockstar, even though I only played the rainstick,” junior David Hagler said.

At 7:30, the balloons were set off into the air and then, the annual Walk of Honor around the lake began.

“I thought it was really beautiful and a great way to remember those who fell from cancer,” senior Caroline Schrum said.