Rome Democratic Party Rally

Annabelle Braden and Anna Claire Atha

With election season coming to a close, the Rome Democratic Party held a rally on Broad Street from Saturday, Oct. 29, to Tuesday, Nov. 4.

Jeremy Salter, a democrat running for district attorney, believes the main purpose of the rally was to emphasize the overall importance of voting.

“It is everyone’s civic duty to cast their vote,” Salter said.

The organization of the rally was simple due to the tight-knit nature of the Rome Democratic Party.

“The Democratic Party of Rome is a very cohesive party, so just a few phone calls and Facebook posts made it possible for the rally to be held downtown,” Salter said.


Terrell Shaw, a retired school teacher rallying with Salter and others, has seen this election as a chance for minorities within Floyd County to voice their opinions.

“Georgia may send the first female president in Hillary Clinton to the White House,” Shaw said, “One single vote could make the difference in this year’s election and we need the minorities of Floyd County to stand up and use their voice.”

Directly across the street from the Rome Democratic Party’s rally sits the Rome Republican Party headquarters.

“We do not agree with their politics, but they have free speech and the right to do it,” Ron Gibson, a member of the Rome Republican Party, said.

Rome’s Republican Party plans to also rally for votes within coming days.

“There will be a live remote radio station on Broad Street for the Republican Party on Saturday, Nov. 5, which would be the Republican Party’s way of rallying votes,” Gibson said.