Meeting Matt Lauer

Selena Chen


Jackie Agnolet

Front row: Victoria Pierce, Kallan Kinsey, Matt Lauer, Grace Hurley, Georgi McCauley, Long Nguyen Back row: Claire Anderson, Annabelle Braden, Ethan Pender, Kate Flory, Abby Sklar, Matthew McConnell, Sam Ding, Sirius Liu, Selena Chen, Grace Lester, Adrienne Forgette, Kim Tunnell

Ethan Pender, Editor-in-Chief, Student Publications

On Thursday, March 17, members of TheDarNews attended a live taping of NBC’s Today Show, where they received access inside the studio and a meet-and-greet with anchor Matt Lauer.

“When I shook his hand, I didn’t know who that was until he said his name,” senior Selena Chen said. “We weren’t expecting him to come into the studio, but all of a sudden, he just showed up when we were taking selfies on the set.”

Jackie Agnolet, Lauer’s personal assistant for 20 years, led the tour, which included a view at the control room behind the scenes.

“It was really interesting to see the control room because I didn’t realize how many people were involved,” sophomore Abby Sklar said. “It was weird to see how small the studio was because at home on TV, it looks really big.”

“It was really neat seeing how the behind-the-scenes of the Today Show worked because it was just the movement of scene-to-scene that was crazy,” sophomore Grace Hurley said. “You would think it’d be a lot more hectic, but it seemed to just flow because they’ve been doing it so long.”
“Seeing The Today Show live was one of my favorite parts of this trip,” junior Kallan Kinsey said. “My mom and I watch the show almost every morning, and it’s awesome to go behind the scenes and see what it takes to make it happen every morning.”