Last Christmas – Movie Review


The newest Christmas movie, Last Christmas, was released on November 8, 2019. The movie took place in London, England and starred Emma Clarke as Kate and Henry Golding as Tom, and focused on Kate finding herself with the help of Tom and many other events all during the holiday season. While Last Christmas may seem and sound like one of the typical Hallmark movies, it has a surprising twist that steers it away from that classic stereotype. The movie started out slow and a little confusing, but got interesting and clear very fast. The storyline was set up in an interesting way and kept me curious about the way things would turn out. The movie, being only one hour and 45 minutes, kept me interested while also ending at a good time. Some may criticize the fact that this Christmas movie came out before Thanksgiving, however, I thought it was a good way to get into the holiday season. I would recommend this movie to most audiences, as it does have some profanity. Overall, this movie earned 5/5 stars due to its interesting twist on a Hallmark storyline.