Varsity Football vs. Bowdon


What was supposed to be senior night ended up being a night for the juniors.

It rained all day October 25 but that didn’t stop the tigers from defeating the Bowdon Red Devils 31-0 at Chris Hunter Stadium.

The tigers were leading 14-0 near the end of the first half. They were at the 37-yard line during the fourth down. There were four seconds left on the clock. They knew they couldn’t score a touchdown. They decided their best chance was to put in the kicker, junior Brinson Sumner. 

A 47-yard field goal is no easy task, especially in high school. However, Sumner surprised everyone, including himself by making it and taking the tigers lead to 17-0 going into halftime. 

“Most people would have thought I was nervous but I have gone through that motion so many times during practice that it has become natural and I felt confident even at such a long distance. I’ve learned to block out all distractions such as the crowd and the opposing team,” Sumner said. “After I made it, I was ecstatic, it was definitely my best moment this season.”

Darlington was leading 24-0 when junior Tyler Watkins got the ball during the fourth quarter and ran into the endzone scoring his first varsity touchdown. 

“It was one of the most exciting moments of my life. I loved having the support of my teammates and the fans once I scored, everyone was excited for me. That moment was one I will never forget,” Watkins said. 

The Tigers will go undefeated into their final subregion game against North Cobb Christian this Friday.