GHSA State Wrestling Tournament


Kasey Barnette, Staff Writer

The varsity wrestling team had six athletes qualify for the GHSA State Tournament on Saturday, Feb. 10.


Freshman Luke McDurmon wrestled in the 113 pound class, and junior Rhett McDurmon wrestled in the 152 pound class.


Junior Dalton Blankenship wrestled in the 126 pound class, and junior Colton Woods wrestled in the 132 pound class.


Junior Garrett Sheffield wrestled in the 160 pound class, and senior Davis Peek wrestled in the 138 pound class.


Luke McDurmon pulled out a second place finish, and Rhett McDurmon won his first state championship.


Blankenship and Woods each won their third straight state championship, with Peek finishing third and Sheffield finishing fifth.


“This year’s State Tournament was different from ones in the past due to the fact that I had the flu. This taught me to overcome adversity and to compete regardless of my situation, and it seemed to work out well. This year’s state championship was just another on the path to 4 state titles,” Blankenship said.


Rhett McDurmon, Blankenship, and Woods all combined to finish with a very successful season, each only losing one match all year in the same tournament.


The Tigers combined to finish second place overall in the tournament with a total of 113.5 points.


“Colton and Dalton are working their way into Darlington’s history by being two of the highest achieving wrestlers in our 114 year existence. They’ve kind of been traveling along the same road for a long time, so it’s kind of like living history, and as much as I love history, I teach it, I’m cognizant enough to realize as the coach at Darlington right now, I am living through Darlington’s greatest history of wrestling ever,” head coach Kelly McDurmon said.