Open vs. closed doors for better Study Hall


Hank Xue, Staff Writer

In Neville and Summerbell House, one of the evening regulations includes keeping the door open from 7:30-8:30 p.m. during study hall.

Regarding this regulation, many students and staff have different opinions. As Neville’s head of house, Joe Pitts explained this restriction.

“The purpose of this [regulation] is to make sure there is no excessive noise that may interrupt people who want to focus on their study,” Pitts said, “and I believe it works.”

However, some residents disagree.

“I do not think the regulation helps me focus during study hall very much,” sophomore Eddie Ye said. “Instead, sometimes people play games and shout aloud despite the doors being kept open. Also, because we have to keep doors open, the noise affects me even more.”

Nevertheless, some students like the regulation. Matthew Wang, a junior in Moser House wishes his dorm had this rule.

“[It] can help [some people] make their plans for studying and help them control themselves,” Wang said. “The purpose of the restriction is to force students to do their work from 7:30-8:30 p.m. and let them pay attention to their work instead of being distracted by other things during this time. Also, the teacher who does duty that day can check the students whether [they] are doing their work or not.”

Although he supports this regulation, Pitts does not aim to keep it all year.

“My personal idea is to do it the first semester and back up the next semester,” Pitts said. “People know how to behave in the second semester.”

Hearing this perspective, Ye agreed, calling it a “good idea.”

“Everybody can manage their own stuff without the need to have dorm staff to oversee in the second semester.”