RUMPUS 2019: Theme Reveal


On Jan 11, students congregated in the Morris Chapel to watch students from Thornwood, Neville, Regester, Moser, Cooper and Summerbell houses present their 2019 RUMPUS themes. Summerbell came to the rescue with their theme “SIA: Summerbell  Intelligence Agency,” as sophomore Jonathan Murphy arrested sophomore Parker Christina. Junior Veeka Malanchuk raced into the chapel to reveal Cooper’s theme as “NASCAR.” Moser got to work building a wall with bricks to present their theme “Construction Workers.” Regester built a fire but didn’t let it burn with their “Firefighter” theme. Neville’s theme was out of this world as they presented their theme “Astronauts.” Finally, Thornwood House put on a colorful performance as they presented their theme “Circus.” Be sure to use the hashtag #Rumpus2019 for all your Rumpus posts, and follow @TheDarNews for the official score throughout Rumpus.