Who the Bell Is the Head of School?


Former head of the upper school at Randolph School in Huntsville Alabama turned Head of School here at Darlington, Mr. Brent Bell leads a very interesting life outside his office walls.

Bell’s work, according to Mrs. Jan Harrison, his secretary, is overseeing the activities of all departments of school and reporting to the Board of Trustees. He tries his best to put things in place and come up with ways to make our Darlington experience more enjoyable.

He was a history major, a former teacher and coach. He was on the senate of the student body at the University of Richmond. He has always had a flare for education and teaching. Bell was also the graduate assistant to NCAA finalist Coach John Beilein of the men’s basketball team of the University of Michigan.

Besides all the obvious fun stuff previously mentioned, Bell is actually very adventurous when it comes to trying new things. Did you know Bell goes tubing every once in a while with his family? Bell is a very talented man, especially when it comes to sports. He played basketball and tennis and, aside from being an amazing athlete, he was in his eighth grade production of Grease and, according to him and his family, he was pretty amazing.

Bell definitely deserves all these praises but he is not perfect. According to his family, the two times they have ever been skiing he has been, well, not exactly the best skier on the slopes (so to all you terrible skiers out there your headmaster can honestly relate). Let us not forget his dancing skills, which his son Jack says are not the best and that they (his sons) definitely did not get theirs from him or even get any at all.

He is very good parent and headmaster says his son Charlie, and he is very differentiating good at his roles. They all look up to him and have little traits and qualities of him. His son Jack gets his sense of humor, sarcasm and quick wit. Young Brent obviously got the height and says when he grows up his definitely going to be taller than both his brothers and, they all got their love and skills of basketball from him.