The Yale Whiffenpoofs

The Yale Whiffenpoofs

On Thursday, Oct. 31, the Yale Whiffenpoofs performed a concert for chapel.

“I really liked the songs that they did, especially the Michael Bublé one. They were really energetic and performed really well,” sophomore Sarah Tunnell said. 

The Whiffenpoofs were the first a capella group formed at Yale.

“It was interesting how they were one of the first groups formed,” sophomore Sia Patel said. “It made me more invested in their performance knowing how important and celebrated they are.”

The concert was very enjoyable for the students.

“I really liked their concert. I liked how they did songs we knew so it involved students and peaked our interest,” Tunnell said. “They were very enthusiastic, and you could tell they were very passionate about it, which made the performance even better.”

The Whiffenpoofs incorporated faster and slower paced songs in their performance.

“They all sounded really good together, and I liked the variety they had,” Patel said. “I thought it was very nice and moving how they included a slower song to honor one of the group members that they had lost.”

They also did a workshop with the concert choir after their performance.

“The workshop we did with them was a lot of fun and productive. I learned a lot of helpful stuff from them,” senior Caleb Baldwin said. “I felt like I could relate to them as I’m getting ready for college, and it was really cool seeing a group of professionals who knew what they were doing teach us.”

The Whiffenpoofs taught the choir helpful singing techniques.

“Something that I found really helpful was learning how to breathe properly. They were very helpful with teaching me to take deep breaths through my mouth to improve my singing and hold out my notes for longer,” Baldwin said. “I feel like they did a really good job with teaching us different techniques we could use.”