Seven Deadly Sins


The entire student body gathered in the Chapel to once again hear lawyer J Tom Morgan speak on Georgia Law specifically regarding teenagers.

Morgan’s great experience with the law in Georgia has given him loads of knowledge that he passes along in his speeches to many high schools across Georgia. Much of Morgan’s speech was about SAD (sex, alcohol, and drugs) and what to do when you’re put in a bad situation.

“I found it very helpful that he told us that if we ever get in a situation where the police find out that other people have been drinking and we haven’t. but we’re there, to ask for an Alco-Sensor to prove that we weren’t drinking,” freshman Stephanie Hughes said.

For some students it was the third and fourth time they heard Morgan speak at Darlington. Though it is a great refresher for students to hear laws they may not have heard before it gets somewhat repetitive the second time.

“I like when he comes to speak because he is a very entertaining and engaging speaker. That being said, I’ve seen him speak three times now, so it’s not like he was enlightening me with any new developments in the law,” senior Andy Brunt said.

Morgan’s knowledge of the law helped many students who may not have known some of the laws in Georgia to make better decisions in bad situations, so they don’t ruin their future. It is always good to hear Morgan speak and tell stories that make situations real.

“Overall though I think his speech is useful in that it shows how law can apply to us ‘untouchable’ teenagers,” Brunt said.