Light The Lake Chapel Service


Hank Crawford, Staff Writer

William James, the founder of Summit Quest, came to speak during Chapel to excite and inspire students to come to Light the Lake to help fight cancer. Summit Quest serves as a way for families battling cancer to find joy in their hardest times and to also connect families going through cancer.  


“I really enjoyed hearing Mr. William James talk at chapel today about his organization. I think it is such a great thing that Darlington is trying to help out those and their families with cancer by raising money at Light the Lake,” sophomore Sarah Hardin said.


James spoke about how cancer changed his life forever when it took his father’s life in 2007 and how that inspired him to help other families who are experiencing the same thing he did. His speech gave many a much better understanding of how serious cancer is, not only around the world, but also in our community.


“I thought the guy that came and spoke was very inspirational and made everybody around aware of how affecting cancer can be towards certain families. I also thought that he inspired many people to come to Light the Lake because his message was very influential,” sophomore Chloe Duck said.


James inspired many to not only come to Light the Lake, but also to help fight cancer on a much bigger scale because he made students aware of the lasting effects on not only those who suffer from cancer, but their families too.


“He inspired me to want to join the fight against cancer. I hope his message will draw more people to come to light the lake on Friday,” Sam Tackeberry said.