RUMPUS Lip Sync ’18


Senior Long Nguyen walks across chairs during Summerbell’s routine.

Grace Lester, Managing Editor

Lip Sync, the biggest, most-anticipated and final event of RUMPUS, still remained as entertaining and well put together as ever after a three-week delay in festivities.


“I don’t feel that the three-week gap impacted the lip sync performance at all. In fact, this is one of the best lip syncs I’ve seen. I can tell that many, many hours went into preparing for all of the performances,” judge Jennifer Sikes said.


However, the entire evening did not go off without a hitch. In the middle of Moser’s performance of “Hoedown Throwdown,” the music unexpectedly stopped, but the crowd carried on singing and the boys finished their act.


“I was just thinking that we shouldn’t stop. I knew that we probably wouldn’t get to redo it so I figured I might as well keep going,” senior Jack Albertson (Moser) said.


Summerbell, whose theme was “Wild West,” did a number with a variety of songs from different genres relating to their theme. The choreography was inspired by K-Pop and musicals.


“When we chose ‘Wild West’ as our theme I was like ‘Wild West’ by Will Smith. Then ‘The Devil Went Down to GA’ was an obvious choice. ‘Word Up,’ a song that nobody knew, by Kingsman, is a final fight scene between the cowboys. I love that song and that’s why I chose it,” senior Long Nguyen (Summerbell) said.


With the rescheduling of the second day of RUMPUS events, some students who had been tirelessly practicing for lip sync could not attend due to conflicting events. Even though, there were still those who stepped up to go above and beyond for their dorm.

“Rainey [Scarborough] and I [Anabelle Scarborough] started choreographing the dance right after thanksgiving and we decided to start teaching it early.  We decided to only do one dance this year because last year we tried to choreograph both dances and it was really difficult. So we made us in charge of one and Aaryn [Ijames] was in charge of the other and everyone was kind of like skeptical about doing something different like broadway but we had fun with it,” said senior Anabelle Scarborough. “We were all super excited to perform it and then when RUMPUS was rescheduled we were really sad because we couldn’t be there. We had a college audition and we thought it was going to be the end of the world, but everyone pulled through and it was great. We ended up getting second place and i watched the live stream in a restaurant in new york and almost cried. It was so fun to watch and I thought they did a really great job.”


Oversall, lip sync resulted in yet another win for boys’ dorm Summerbell. While Thornwood placed second, Moser third, Regester fourth, Cooper fifth and Neville in sixth.