The Littlest Tree: Kindergarten Play


Kasey Barnett, Staff Writer

The Kindergarten students performed the play “The Littlest Christmas Tree” for the Upper School in the Morris Chapel on Dec. 14.


The play told the story of three fir trees, but the smallest tree was not picked by a family and left all alone. However, the tree was soon accompanied by new friends that made him the prettiest Christmas tree of all.


“The Kindergarten play has taken place at Christmas for at least the 17 years that I have been teaching and working here at Darlington,” Director of Fine Arts Kim Tunnell said.


The performance was intended to bring holiday cheer to campus and unite the Upper and Lower School to enjoy this play together.


“It was very amusing and cute. The little bunny rabbits were my favorite part, they were absolutely precious,” sophomore Carlie Chisolm said.


The format has always been related to the Christmas story and the birth of Jesus.


“The Littlest Christmas Tree was traditionally done at the lower school then brought to the upper school and even done in the community some years,” Tunnell said. “The Littlest Christmas Tree as it was presented yesterday has been done for the past 4 years.”