Robotics Tournament


Hank Crawford, Staff Writer

The Darbots worked very hard in preparation for this tournament as it one of their big events because it is at Darlington. The Robotics team programmed their robots in hopes that they would come out with a good result in the tournament.


“The Robotics tournament went great we played well, found kinks that we can fix but both teams ended up coming in first and second place so all in all it was a good competition,” Junior Ivan Tran said.


Changes the day of the event made for some suspense as they were important changes that needed to be made for their best result. Using their experience, the team successfully made the necessary changes.


“As the final deadline got closer, we had to set priorities on what we need to accomplish first. Our Autonomous code wasn’t and hasn’t been perfect yet,” Junior Omar Hamad said. “The robot looked good, but as any other machine, it needed maintenance every once and awhile.”


Although both teams, the 4100 team and the 5100, got first and second, the members of robotics were not satisfied as they believe there are many things they can fix after competing in the tournament.


“Looking back at the tournament, we’ve analyzed our faults and looked for places to improve,” Hamad said. “Even though we achieved high standards and placed 1st in our bracket, we are looking at a better game strategy and aiming for consistency.”


The Darbots travel to Cartersville High School on Dec. 2nd to try and do even better than before with their gained knowledge and experience from their last tournament.


“Going to these tournaments, seeing your team succeed and others around you do the same, makes countless hours spent working towards it worth it,” Junior Elliot Kinney said.