RUMPUS 2017: Fear Factor

Jamila Wood, Linn Arnold, Matthew McConnell, Editor and

Abby Sklar and Carter Anderson

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On day one of Rumpus 2017, Fear Factor was on the Chapel Lawn.

Fear Factor consists of eating either something very gross or a whole lot of something. Each person on the team must complete their item before the next person can begin theirs. If the person is unable to finish their item, the next person has to finish that and their own. If someone throws up, it is a 15 second penalty (unless they eat it back) and whoever’s station was the messiest received a 20 second penalty. 

“Drinking the smoothie in Fear Factor was very interesting, the texture was weird but when I drank some water, it went down a lot better. Fear Factor was really amped up this year, and it made it even more fun,” freshman Ashley Hankinson (CPR) said.

Regester ended up winning the event in under 18 minutes.

“Fear Factor was really fun this year. We came in first place overall which hasn’t happened in a while,” junior Abigail Smith (REG) said. “I thought it was really cool that two of the girls houses came in first over they boys overall. It was fun watching other people eat that stuff.”

Summerbell took first place for the boys.

“Fear factor was amazing and there was a lot of spirit. Shout out to Tate Ratledge and Harsh Patel. If it wasn’t for them then we wouldn’t have won. SMB!” Anish Patel said.

The Results are as follows:


1 Regester 

2 Thornwood

3 Cooper


1 Summerbell

2 Moser

3 Neville

The next event is the basketball games at 6:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. in the Van Es.